Talent Show

  “A Really Great Talent Finds its Happiness in its Execution.”

    Education and Cultural activities are part and parcel for our civilization. Keeping pace with changing scenario, our college provides access to recent educational as well as cultural activities. The prime objective of the college is to provide students healthy environment and perfection in all fields. To improve and raise their aptitude and cultural standard, specific literary and subject societies are constituted that take initiatives to organise talent show. At our college we provide a range of opportunities for our students to learn and develop both in educational as well as co-curriculum activities. Students are encouraged to exhibit their talent at university, national and international levels. Students participate in music, singing, declamation, debate, dance, painting, mono acting and mimicry, etc. with great zeal. Thus maximum and appropriate opportunity is provided to students to show their individual talent.


  “Creativity Enhances Culture Oriented Society”

    Our college basically gives full attention to all-round development of students. We are going to set the standards which others find hard to match and for setting these standards, we work hard to drag talents from students. And these energies burst out in their participation during fate. In this type of fate- student show their talents in different arts like clay-modelling, making purses, making best out of waste, salad decoration, flower making, collage making, belts making, face painting and many more…

    These fate are arranged time to time to give break as well as to enhance such art related activities. A festive atmosphere is noted in the college. Various fun games and stalls of eatables are arranged.

Sports Meet

  “Games are the breath and soul of the players And Competitions set the standards of their potential”

    Athletic meet refers primarily to sports and athletic competition organised by respective institution. Unlike in the rest of colleges,in Shah Satnam ji girls college today, many college sports are extremely popular on both regional and national and international scales. Principles for atheletics meat include sportsmanship and ethical conduct, sound academic standards, non-discrimination, diversity with governance, rules compliance etc. Generally academic and athletic departments have said to follow conflicting aims, but here elitism of academics and athletics is maintained in balance and our players excel in national and international championships.

Teacher's Day Celebration

  “Mothers gave life and Teachers mould the clay for better art of living.”

    Teachers play an influencing and motivating role in the life of every student. They dedicate their entire life mentoring countless students. They groom the students to become a better person and been a motivational force behind their student’s success. Such people are undoubtedly worth honouring. They do need encouragement to feel that their efforts are being recognized. To serve this purpose in our college, Teacher’s Day celebrations are undertaken on a grand scale to honour teachers for their sincere efforts to impart knowledge to their students. On this precious occasion of Teacher’s Day celebration some of usual activities such as dance, drama, games, poetry, etc. are performed. Thus special reverence and gratitude is shown to teacher’s by the students of our college every year.

Children Day Celebration

  “Where there Children gather, Fun and Frolic full bloom shower.”

    Children Day – A day dedicated to children –Is observed as an event across the world to celebrate childhood and promote awareness about children welfare. Endorsed by Global Organisation, this celebration aims at promoting the well being of children and uplifting their social rights. It is an matter of great pleasure for us that our college celebrates Children Day with the range of innovative and fun filled activities. Various competitions such as dance, quiz, elocution, etc. are organised by our college to mark the event. A great deal of enthusiasm is highly observed among the students. The events and activities organised on this day also focus at identifying education, health, cultural, economic and social needs of children. The teaching faculty takes special initiatives to celebrate the day.


  “Fun.. Frolic.. Masti ka Funda...”

    Apart from the hectic and hard study schedule, college provides some hilarious moments to students to enjoy their full potential. This is the wait for every scholar to get the bid adieu from her college in a nice and warm manner. Farewell parties make them feel special as they are going to be the part of ‘New World’ now. But ‘This World’ from where they are going to be departed, is wishing them ‘Good Luck’. Their juniors in very jubilant mood wish them ‘All The Best’. Miss Farewell is chosen after a long round of successes, like Dance, Ramp Walk, Artful competitions and in the last, Intelligence Quotient round, the question round. This is the round where all the previous rounds and the knowledge level with practical aptitude is analysed. After that, the Crown of MISS FAREWELL is bestowed to her.

Miss College Event

  “Confidently Beautiful”

    Keeping well in pace with the advancement of our society, our college lays emphasis on the Personality Development activities. For this Purpose, Miss College Competition is organised by the Cultural Committee of our college. Students are emboldened to participate to enhance their Confidence and Personality. On this Occasion, girls participate in their fancy dresses with their innovative ideas, presenting the vast culture of our country and also show how they can contribute in the development of culture & civilisation of our society. Throughout all these activities, their overall personality is observed and it is certain that girls are not lacking behind in personality and confidence than boys in our patriarchal society. All these shows the empowerment of Girls. A girl who is fit for all this canons, is declared as MISS COLLEGE by Principal Madam and concerned committee. Consequently, it is an inspirational force for all the other girls who are shy in nature but having charming images.

Convocation Ceremony

  “A move towards An Award of Achievement Solmenizing Success”

    Convocation is that rare opportunity for a student when she seeks the reward of her ages' long hard work. It is the dream of every student for which she starts imagining from the initial days of her preparation for long journey of hard work. The mission one follows to create progressive and creative model of life long learning, evaluation, one's creative energies of full potential and strong commitment, conviction of her value-based work, everything will get its achieved value in convocation. Our college used to arrange the convocation to award degrees of its streams.

    By the grace of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, students show their utmost interest in achieving degrees from GURU JI.

    Convocation is the best method of re-union also. This re-union gives the ample chance to students to have heart-to-heart conversation with GURU JI.


  “Mauj, Masti and Wonder to see history alive."

    A field trip or excursion is a journey by a group of people to a place away from its normal environment. The purpose of the trip are usually observation for education, non-experimental research or to provide students with experience outside their everyday activities, such as group camping with teachers and their classmates. The aim of this type of research is to observe the subject in its natural state and possibly collect samples. To see the importance and value of these trips, our college used to arrange educational as well as excursion trips to various places. Through these trips, Students are usually made civilised women who appreciate art and culture. They have the chance to meet less advantaged or more advantaged students and they can feel and understand the basic differences. Students are taken to outside sirsa and they usually visit zoo, nature centers and community agencies such as hospitals, fire stations, govt. agencies, local business and science museums. These trips are beneficial even for society. Students get the chance for alternative education and society can be benefited if they present themselves for the service of community. It gives them a break from their normal routine work. Natural places provide them the chance to refresh completely. Historical places enhance their knowledge and art helps them to understand all things naturally.

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