Physical Education

  “Sports are more than just games, They are about life, emotion, passion and some of the greatest heights and laws that we can experience."...STIPEELSHEEP

    Before gaining knowledge about any particular field, one has to a quire an understanding of one self. Self-understanding and self discipline fall under a section of physical education and the department of Physical education is dedicated to it. Department of “Physical Education” is the pride of the college. It has produced many players at the national and the international level in various games and brought Laurels to the institution. The physical education department has got young energetic faculty with academic and sports specialization.

    The physical education department is making consistent progress in many fields. The college has produced Top Level Players of Several Games Like:- ROLLER HOCKEY SKATING, JUDO, YOGA, HANDBALL, THROW BALL, NETBALL, ATHETICS, GUN SHOOTIG, VOLLEY-BALL, ARCHERY, TAEKOWANDO etc. The college has produced TWO BHEEM AWARDE and many players who have represented India in the international area. It is matter of great pleasure for us that our adorable HAZOOR PITA JI “THE GREAT PAPA COACH” guides the players in different games.

    By the grace of His Holiness Saint GURMEET RAM RAHIM SINGH JI INSAN, Our players have started their progressive journey in games. Our Roller Skating Players have won three times GOLD MEDAL, ONE SILVER MEDAL, in Asian Champion Ship and four participation in WORLD CUP. The names of the enthusiastic players are- Yasdeep, Meera, Sabdeep, Milanpreet, Gurpreet,Pooja, Anika, Parveen, Kamaljeet, Navneet, Harpreet, Kajal, Sandeep, Ritu Nagpal, Karamjeet, Sumitra and Sonali.

    Our players have a great achievement in 'JUDO' also and this is possible only because of the Guidance of 'PAPA COACH'. In 'JUDO' players have won two BRONZE MEDALS in Asian Championship and five times participation in JUNIOR ASIAN, YOUTH ASIAN and COMMONWEALTH games. The players are Rekha, Naveen and Mithlesh.

    The skilled players of college Monika and Gurmail, have represented India two times for Asian Championship and South Asian Championship with “the grace of HAZOOR PITA JI”.

    In YOGA Ms.Neelam the gem of our college, a player who made us feel proud has won six gold, five Silver and two Bronze Medals in 'YOGA WORLD CUP' of different sessions.

    Ms.Gurpreet is the great athlete of our college. She has made great achievements in Javelin Throw. She has won two BRONZE MEDALS in South Asian ChampionShip and Salwan International Throwers. She has also participated in SAF games and Asian Grand PRIY.

    Our players have also won Gold Medals in the WORLD CUP and Asian Championship in THROW BALL. The Brilliant Players are - Ms.Parvesh, Priyanka Kadyan, Poonam Kalra, Priyanka Dudi, Neha and Santosh who have participated in Asian Games of Net Ball.

    Every success that we meet in the field of sports is only because of the support and guidance of our 'Guru ji' who is a great source of inspiration for all our players.

Courses Offered:

B.P.Ed (2 years course)

C.P.Ed (2 years course)


  “Viewed freely, the English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race and range of time, and is both the five and compacted composition of all.”... Walt Whitman

    The department of English is a vintage department of Shah Satnam Ji Girls' College Sirsa with the PG Course it came into being in the session 2000.Ever since its inception, the department has continuously been evolving and keeping itself in sync with the students, who wish to Launch themselves in the field of electronic and print media, Advertising, Teaching, HRD, Civil Services, Theater, Research, Creative writing etc.

Courses Offered:

M.A. English (4 semesters)/2 years course
In B.A. as compulsory subject
In B.B.A as compulsory subject
In B.A.M.C. as compulsory subject
In B.Sc.Non.Medical And Computer Sc. as compulsory subjec

Computer Science

  “You can't go wrong in Computer Science It is a ticket to a good Carrer”... Bill Gates

    Computer Science is the study of Computer, including its design (architecture) and their uses for computations, data processing and systems control . It includes engineering activities such as the designing of Computers and hardware and the software applications. It has permeated every aspect of our life and in disputably become a necessity. The Deptt. has well equipped labs as well as internet facility. The department has the ability to make the dreams a reality.

Courses Offered:

BCA (Duration 6 Semesters)
B.Sc Computer Science (6 Semesters)


  “Commerce links all mankind in one common brotherhood of mutual dependence and interests.”... James Abram Garfield

    The department of commerce and management studies was established in 1997 and Post Graduation course in commerce was started in The beauty of commerce is in its diversity. It exposes students to a number of disciplines, providing a unique opportunity to broaden their horizon. It provides a fair level of knowledge relating to business laws, including tax laws, Math and statistics, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human resource Management and Of course, Accounting and Auditing

Courses Offered:

M. Com. (4 Semesters)
B.Com. Vocational (6 Semesters)
B.Com.General (6 Semesters)
B.B.A. (6 Semesters)


    Hindi is our mother tongue and is the languages of the nation. In the context of grammar, it is the richest languages of the world. This depth offers a very wide study of descriptive literature.

Courses Offered:

M.A. in Hindi (4 semesters)
In B.A. as compulsory subject
In B.B.A as compulsory subject
In B.A.M.C. as compulsory subject
In B.Sc.Non.Medical And Computer Sc. as compulsory subject

Public Administration

  “The Policies of Govt. is boosting the academic, intellectual structure of counting and the study of Public Administration helps a lot.”

    Public Administration Deptt. Of our college is very prestigious deptt. Every year, its students go to take admission in I.A.S. coaching centre to make their carrer in Administration. Pub. Administration Dept. offers a wide circle of administrative skills.

Courses Offered:

M.A. In Public Administration(4Semesters)


  “The person who can solve mathematical problems, can lead life easily. Mathematics teaches us that every problem has a solution. We can find number of solutions for one problem, apply it in the life and live easily or happily”... Swetha Calculus

    The Post- Graduate Department of Mathematics is the pride of the College. It has produced some of the best students of Mathematics, who are earning name and fame for themselves. Results of this Deptt. is marvellous.

Courses Offered:

M.Sc Mathematics (Duration 4 Semesters)


  “No amount of experimentation can never prove me right, a single experiment can prove me wrong... Albert Einstein"

    The science culture at Shah Satnam Ji Girls' College dates back to 2012. The Science department aims at ingraining the spirit of innovativeness and research and technical competence in the students through rigorous competition, experiments and regular guidance.

    There is a full-fledged department of non-medical having laboratories built in a most modern level which are of their own kind in the whole of this district. Whereas computer science department thrusts on four major areas of computing; theory, algorithms, programming languages and architecture. It works on from theory of applications.

Courses Offered:

B.Sc Non Medical (Duration 6 semesters)
B.Sc Computer Science (Duration 6 semesters)

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