College Laboratories

  "From Research To Development"

     The College has the honour of possessing of well equipped and furnished laboratories with modern apparatus to facilitate the students to learn through experiments and research in the subjects of Geography,Homescience,Home management, Cooking,Physical Education.The College reflects revolutionary outlook by giving opportunities for the practical experience to the students.And for this,Fully air conditioned computer rooms have been provided with latest technology and internel facilities. There are many facilities in Chemistry laboratory. There are number of chemicals in a lab. Students feel great and learn by practicing in the labs.There is also a Psychology lab.Students learn through experiments on human mind and behaviour through the chart or tests.

     In Home Science lab ,the girls come to know how to cook and to stitch,the waste material is used in the best way to decorate home,to ornate a pot in a beautiful manner,to do paintings,under the instruction of well educated and experienced lecturer's guidance.

     In Geography lab,there are resources related to their topics,that is Maps,Globe,Compass,Telescope etc. which they use under the observation of respective lecturers.By using these instruments,the students do practical work and gain the knowledge which is stable to them forever.

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