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    After 17 successful years towards the destination, if we stay and pause for a moment to have a glance at the achievements of college in every field , physical, mental or spiritual, we are highly surprised to see its progress. Our college is getting almost 100% results in all the streams every year, inestimable merits along with University rankers every semester. The college has maintained its tradition of high achievements, both quantitative and qualitative in the university exams. The performance of the students in various streams of 2013-2014 is in complete accord with the ongoing tradition of securing university ranks and merits. Progressive Education is our aim and our achievements have been remarkable. Every one gets dazzled on hearing the number of university ranks our college students secure every year. Score of session 2013-2014 states 215 university ranks i.e; 165 at UG level and 50 at PG level. This is one of the noticable achievements which has added glory to the list of success.

    Our college has first three ranks in BAMC first semester, first six ranks in B.PEd second semester, first five ranks in M.A. (Public Administration) fourth semester, first rank in B.A. fifth semester, sixth semester, B.Ped second semester, M.Sc (Maths) third semester, M.A.(Public Administration) third semester. Apart from Top Ranks as stated above we have university ranks in B.C.A semester first, fourth and sixth, B.B.A Second semester, BAMC semester first, third and sixth, B.A. semester second and fifth, B.Com(General) semester fourth and sixth and many more.

    Here comes one more notable achievement i,e; number of meritorious scholars in the college which exceeds every year by its count. The very year this count has reached 281 which is not less than any dream come true for any institution but here in this college we do not let students to stick to this count else students are motivated to cross their count and excel their own records every year. More than 115 students from P.G. courses and 543 students from U.G. courses got first divisions. All these students brought laurels to the glory of College. We wish for more University Toppers, more university rankers and more merits in coming years.

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