Safety & Security

  "Safe Youth- Secure Nation"

     Prestigious, high profile college strives hard for the safety and security of the female students studying here. This is commitment of our college to make the students ready for a high flying career and in very safe and secure atmosphere. Society is progressing, but along with progression, moral values are degrading day by day. Parents are becoming more carefull in concern of their daughter’s safety, but when they choose this college they are free from the concern of their daughter’s security. CCTV cameras and security guards are attentive towards their duty and the team has an eagle's eye on each and every student timely and properly . No girl is allowed to go outside the college premises without their parents or concerned guardian.

     Along with this, we lay emphasis on teaching MARTIAL ARTS to each and every student of the college. As Martial arts has a unique role to play in giving women and girls essential tools for stemming violence on personal, social, and cultural levels.

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