Summer Sports Camp

  "From training to perfection"

    Apart from education, to develop mental, physical intellectual and technical faculties of one indivisual, is the main motto of our institutions and to achieve this destined goal every year. A summer sports camp is organized by all the institutions of Shah Satnam Ji managing committee. His holiness Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji personally pay attention to this camp. He used to give very inspiring speech on the starting of the camp. Various activities are organized on this day to multiply its elegance. Playes usually take guidance from Hazoor Pita Ji on the new technical devices and innovations in sports. Students take pledge for their honesty and dedication to sports. Sports camps not meant to develop the playground tact’s actually; these are very contributive in one’s all-round development. Playes from different institution stayed together and learn so much from one another. Actually, this brings the chsnge for personality development and behavioral changes in them.

    This year almost 627 Students or players are taking training in various camps. This camp will last for three months. Very efficient coaches are giving training to students in a very innovative method. They are telling the art of stretching, increasing of stamina as well as the value of time-planning and displine in sportsperson. These offseason training camps are organized from 1992 in our institute. Various nutriontional tips are also advised to increase the physical health of players.

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