Our Vision & Mission

    Shah Satnam Ji Girls' College vision is to make society an intellectually formidable powerhouse by creating a cadre of motivational women who become catalysts of change through education which is value and need based that is also globally relevant and yet rooted in the matrix of Indian philosophy.

    The mission of Shah Satnam ji Girls' College is to strive towards becoming a world class institution by producing professionals with high academic knowledge, professional skills and ethical values. We shall be the preferred partner to the community for our contribution towards their economic and social development by providing high quality manpower through excellence in teaching, researching and consultancy.


  • To impart quality education in different areas of knowledge to the students as per their choice and inclination.
  • To offer education to students in conductive ambience created by enriched infrastructure and academic facilities in its campus.
  • To mould students into rational thinkers, competent workers and socially aware citizens.
  • To uphold and amalgamate ethical and spiritual values with the modern scientific thinking.
  • To bring education within the reach of rural, girl students and other deprived sections by providing them substantive fee concessions and subsidized hostel and mess facilities.

College Emblem

    Crowning the emblem is the motto “Humanity is religion" which is the guideline of our objectives and purposes. It is like a prayer to our supreme creator to enlighten and illumine our minds thereby blessing us with the power to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil.

    Just as The Sun enables an evolution from a world of darkness to light, similarly the Light House of this emblem depicts how the power of education leads us from a state of avidya to vidya or from ignorance to knowledge.

The motive behind this humanity is very wide. It even enhances the potential of quality Education.

    Our college endeavors to strike a perfect poise between antiquity and contemporary convention and modernity. Our enterprise is to create an amalgam of tradition and technology. We strive to disseminate education in consonance with upcoming trends, global challenges and topical necessities, never losing sight of truth, correct knowledge and righteousness. Education for us is a never ending process of reaching out.

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