Campus Scene now-a –days reflects a picture of great restlessness, chaos and carelessness while perfect order, disciplined atmosphere and a unique combination of progress and tradition is the first merit of any educational institution Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ College, Sirsa reflects a balanced picture of blend of spirituality and modernity. Proper teaching is given for the moral, ethical values to be practiced in daily life. There are daily sessions on how to live a life in a meaningful and pious manner. Girl students are made aware of the strongeness of their character, behavior and commonsense to deal with daily challenges. Today, no doubt we are living in an era of rapid progress in all the spheres, but on the other hand, life is becoming very practical and youngsters are completely forgetting their ‘Sanskars’ and we in Our College try to imbibe all these moral values in these ‘Budding flowers’ through’ a smart way’ This does not mean that they are old fashioned and not up- to- date. They are made aware of latest changes coming in the sphere of Art, Music, Dance, Science. Media Technology, Industry, Commercial, Computers and so on. They are made ready to have professional skills with respect for old values. Values are taught in such a manner that it can not become a hindrance in their progress, but guide them to live a life properly.


Students adopt fashionable life style, but they do not forget to touch the feet of their teachers. This is the perfect blend of spirituality and modernity. Students are made engaged in so many Welfare Works like Cloth donation, Grains distribution among poor and needy people ,Tree plantation, Blood donation ,Awareness campaigns against social evils etc. Modern technique and Valuable tradition is the mool mantra of our college ‘s perfect functioning.