Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com)- Vocational


B.Com. Vocational stands for Bachelor of Commerce in Vocational; if you choose to study this course, then, along with a commerce degree, you are also vocationally trained in some particular areas such as computer application, Office Management, tax procedure, and practice or advertising, sales promotion and management, travel and tourism, etc. The syllabi for the first 4 papers of each semester would be common as that for B.Com(General).

About Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] (Computer Applications):

  • Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] in Computer Applications is an undergraduate commerce course.
  • It is generally three academic year degree course, divided into 6 semesters.
  • B.Com in Computer Applications is a combination of Computers and Commerce.
  • After completing the degree course candidates can find many B.Com Computer Application jobs and opportunities in different fields.
  • Graduates who want to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college and university level both in private and government institutions are a good match for it.
  • B.Com Computer Applications graduates must have:
    • Ability to create and invent things
    • Knowledge of technology.
  • B.Com Computer Applications graduates will be familiar with programming and computer hardware/software by the end of the course.
  • The B.Com Computer Applications study covers:
    • Business Organization
    • E-Commerce
    • Cost Accounting
    • Financial Accounting
    • Fundamentals of Computers
    • Business Accounting Software
    • Internet and Web Designing
    • Banking Theory
    • Banking Law and Banking Practice
  • It trains students with the knowledge of:
    • Accounting principles
    • Export and import laws
    • Economic policies
    • Other aspects that impact trade and business as part of the B.Com Computer Applications syllabus.

Why Choose Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] (Computer Applications)?

  • Candidates can go for higher degree programs in respective B.Com Computer Applications subjects as Masters’ degrees,and then for further research work.
  • The graduates can find B.Com Computer Applications job opportunities in a variety of environments in:
    • University
    • Research
    • Private and public industries
    • Government departments
    • Business organizations
    • Commercial organizations
  • Degree holders can also work as programmers, web developers, and e-commerce specialists with industries that build or use computer-based systems.


  • For admission to B.Com.I, the students must have passed the qualifying examination with 45% marks in Commerce or 50% in Science/ Arts.


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