Bachelor Of Physical Education(B.P.Ed)


Are you a sports lover or a physical fitness freak thinking of building a career in same? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Physical Education is a field that helps you stick around the fitness of your body by promoting the importance of exercise and nutrition. Candidates having a deep passion for sports and related activities should opt for Bachelor of Physical Education course. A degree in BPEd can lead to a variety of career options starting from being part of the chosen sport to being a physical fitness trainer.

BPEd (Bachelor of Physical Education) is an undergraduate degree course which deals with the techniques that are useful to maintain the fitness of the human body.

Bachelor of Physical Education is a 2- year course which is working as a backbone for the individuals who are very keen in sports and its primary and secondary education with the involvement of some of the finest facilities provided by the government.

Below mentioned are some of the B.P.Ed subjects that are part of the syllabus:

  • English Communication Skills
  • Foundation of Physical Education
  • Education Methodology

Apart from the routine educational informative schedule, the course will also allow individuals to concentrate equally on their physical fitness. The professionals can also be sports trainers in some of the National and International level of Events like Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Olympics and more. The B.P.Ed job opportunities that are offered are numerous.

Why Choose Bachelor Of Physical Education(B.P.Ed)?

Individuals will be in the limelight of some of the major national events being conducted by the government of India under the sports authority of India like Commonwealth Games, Ranji Trophy, and others. The individuals can be recruited in some of the national teams as players or as a trainee in their opted sports which will be a real-time association will some of the finest individuals.

The professional post-graduation can open-up their own sports academy in their choice of sports in different states under the umbrella of sports authority of India.

Below mentioned are some of the B.P.Ed job opportunities in which an individual can opt:

  • Commentator
  • Physical Education Instructors
  • Trainer / Instructor / Coach
  • Sports Journalis

After completion of B.P.Ed degree, one can go for a masters’ degree in Physical Education or Health and Fitness Management, which in turn helps an aspirant to go for doctoral programs in this field. By studying the B.P.Ed course, aspirants can expand their awareness of fitness.


  • After Graduation 45% in B.A (physical education) and 50% For Others.
  • Preference for admission is given to candidates who have studied Physical Education during graduation or have played sports at college level

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