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MA Hindi Literature is the course that deals with the language for 2 years where the students can move deep down into the language for better understanding and know about its applications. It is recognized as the second most spoken language in the world. The Students who are interested in the language are mostly into this course. As mentioned the course is defined and classified into four categories and the students can choose one among them.

This course has some interesting areas such as poetry, fiction, drama etc. the Hindi language is also included into the syllabus in foreign countries. This course helps to understand the deep knowledge about the Hindi language.

Why Choose Master Of Arts (MA)- Hindi?

  • MA Hindi is a 2-year postgraduate course in the Hindi Language.
  • The program exposes learners to a wide range of Hindi literature. The course has diverse applications and helps to familiarize detailed concepts of Hindi as a language
  • Hindi is given the status of the co-official language in several States also. In light of the fact that some schools in foreign countries have decided to introduce Hindi as a foreign language along with French, Spanish, and others. Hence the demand for Hindi Teachers and Professors is fast increasing not only in Indian schools but also abroad. Hindi has earned global recognition for itself in the linguistic arena
  • The topics of Study under the degree includes History of Language, Novel and Short story, translation (theory and practical), etc
  • Candidates willing to pursue careers in journalism, teaching, interpreter, translator, and editor can choose this field as there’s a lot of job prospects in these streams.
  • The career prospects over the course have wide range. There are both Central and State government jobs in different departments are also available. After the successful completion of this course candidates are eligible for the career opportunities like Hindi Assistant, Manager in various departments in government sector, Hindi Editor, Script Writers, journalists, Reporters, assistant Professors etc.
  • There are many communication sectors that recruit the candidates for translation. There are more opportunities to be permanently employed as the translator, writer, and editor in the field of media and communication. There also exist path for career in many number of language companies like Systran, SDL International, Detroit Translation and many more.
  • There exists job opportunities in foreign countries those who have completed higher degrees in the Hindi Language have more reorganization over those candidates in many language preferred universities.
  • The successful completion of this course may also help in continuing with the higher degree courses such as M.Phil. and Phd. Courses. On completing the course there are wide range of government jobs available for those candidates based on their interest and the higher end degrees along with research projects.


  • After Graduation 45% in B.A .

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