Master Of Arts(MA) – Public Administration


This course deals mainly with financial administration and the basics of the Administrative theory.

  • The Master of Public Administration [MA] (Public Administration) is a professional post-graduate degree in public administration similar to the Master of Business Administration but with an emphasis on the issues of governance.
  • It places a focus on the systematic investigation of executive organization and management. Instruction includes the roles, development, and principles of public administration.
  • Those who have a temperament of problem-solving, organized approach, research skills, evaluation, and analytical skills, sensitivity to the values and interests of others can go for this course.
  • Through its history, the MPA degree has become more interdisciplinary by drawing from fields such as economics, sociology, law, anthropology, political science, and regional planning in order to equip MPA graduates with the skills and knowledge covering a broad range of topics and disciplines relevant to the public sector.
  • Candidates who possess good communication skills, both written and verbal, team-spirit, the ability to handle and comprehend numerical data are most suitable for this course.
  • The MA Public Administration curriculum has been mindfully designed to incorporate all the necessary theoretical knowledge that a master’s candidate requires.

Why Choose Master of Arts [MA] (Public Administration)?

  • MA (Public Administration) degree serves as a basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as Ph.D. and M.Phil Degree in Public Administration.
  • On successful completion of a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a student can apply for the UGC-NET or JRF exam; the success in these exams makes teaching or research as good options.
  • Many public administration and social policy graduates find employment in management positions either within public sector organizations, such as the NHS(National Health Service) authorities and the criminal justice system.
  • Opportunities also occur in social work and other personal social services work, social and political research organizations, and further and higher education institutions with sufficient compensation.
  • The greatest scope after doing M.A. Public Administration is that it not only makes you eligible but also gives you a fairly better chance to qualify for the Indian Civil Services exams but also many other options.
  • There are several MA Public Administration job opportunities for graduates offered by Indian Civil Services, Land Revenue Bodies, Municipal Corporations, and various healthcare organizations.


  • After Graduation 45% in B.A (History Pub.Adminstration, Pol Science Sociology) and 50% For Others.

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