Master Of Science (M.Sc.)- Mathematics


Masters of Science Mathematics popularly known as MSc Mathematics is a postgraduate degree of 2 years which is divided equally into 4 semesters.  MSc Mathematics syllabus incorporates the foundation of mathematics and explains both Pure and Applied mathematics to the core.

The main objective of the M.Sc Mathematics syllabus is to provide first-hand knowledge to the students of advanced mathematics and its forefront research usage. MSc Mathematics emphasizes the importance and uses of mathematics in different fields. The subjects provide the students with the necessary mathematical knowledge and ways to use mathematics at different stages of life or at work and the importance of advanced mathematics in the present technological world. Mathematics can be applied in various fields such as data analytics, lecturing, engineering, etc.

Students with MSc Mathematics degrees have a range of job opportunities in various sectors. MSc Mathematics graduates are very much important, especially in the research field where Mathematics is the key subject. An individual passing out with the Masters of Science Mathematics degree can either apply for further studies such as Ph.D. or can continue working. MSc Mathematics graduates have high job scope and get a good salary compared to other postgraduates.

Why Choose MSc Mathematics?:

All the sectors varying from private to government sectors are required to use mathematics and this provides great job opportunities for MSc Mathematics graduates. Being an MSc Mathematics graduate will allow an individual to do an illustrative research work on the existing or the future subjects of mathematics or any field similar that uses mathematical concepts.

MSc Mathematics course provides various knowledge related to Mathematical concepts, theorems, formula, and various problems. MSc course syllabus gives an insight into all the basics as well as an advanced part of mathematics. Jobs for MSc Mathematics holders are easily available and some of the job profiles are data scientist, professor, research associate, product engineer, etc.


  • Candidate must have passed B.A. (Hons.), B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics with at least 45% marks or B.A./B.Sc. with at least 50% marks in aggregate with Maths as one of the subjects.

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