Cultural Heritage- Glittering Splash of Talents

Social/ Cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with their institutions but also assist them to develop their potential and creativity in the desired field and also improve skills such as organizational presentations, leadership, and interpersonal communication. To enhance all these skills among the youngsters, college takes the initiative to arrange cultural programmes time to time. Music, dance, drama, Quiz, Painting, Debating, Public Speaking, Photography, Videography etc. are arranged on competitive as well as learning level. These activities give chance to explore, shape and symbolically represent ideas and feelings and their consequences. Specific literacy and subject societies are constituted for the students to improve their aptitude and cultural standards. Co-curricular activities are just like a stress booster also. These provide students to have healthy and constructive life shape. Students participate in various inter-college competitions and bring so many positions .In youth festival, students participate in various programs and show their brilliance in multi cultural talents.It builds their mental ,physical strength high and their morale at its peak.