Student induction Programme engages with the new students as soon as they come into the institution; before regular classes start. At the start of the induction, the incumbents learn about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values. To continue with this tradition, we also have an induction programme when there is the beginning of a new session. The newcomers are very curious when

they enter a ‘new world’ of aspirations, ambitions and goals with a ‘throbbing heart’, they have so many doubts and queries in their minds. We in our college, first of all, make them comfortable. With the prayer and National Anthem, they start their day. Afterwards, they are introduced to various faculty members, in charges of various committees and cells so that they can ask their questions and solve their problems. It is just like a stress-relieving for students. Students are told about the facilities of the college, access to the timetable, divided into mentor-mentee groups etc. A visit is also proposed for them of the campus to make themselves familiar with the atmosphere. A mini cultural programme is also arranged for them to have a friendship with seniors. This induction programme continues for two-three days. College rules and regulations explained to them and chance is given to them for their expressions.


“A Really Great Talent finds its Happiness in its Execution.”

A Talent Hunt Show is organized every year according to the guidelines of CDLU, Sirsa. In this Talent Show, students participate with great zeal and new talents come like shining stars.

Education and Cultural activities are part and parcel for our civilization. Keeping pace with the changing scenarios, our college provides access to recent educational as well as cultural activities. The prime objective of the college is to provide students a healthy environment and perfection in all fields. To improve and raise their aptitude and cultural standard, specific literary and subject societies are constituted that take initiatives to organize talent show. At our college, we provide a range of opportunities for our students to learn and develop both in educational as well as co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to exhibit their talent at university, national and international levels. Students participate in music, singing, declamation, debate, dance, painting, mono acting, mimicry, etc. with great zeal. Thus maximum and appropriate opportunities are provided to students to show their individual talent.


“Those who Educate children are more to be honoured than they who produce them; parents  only gave them life, teachers the art of living well.”

Teachers play an influencing and motivating role in the life of every student. They dedicate their entire life mentoring countless students. They groom the students to become a better person and been a motivational force behind their student’s success. Such people are undoubtedly worth honouring. They do need encouragement to feel that their efforts are being recognized. To serve this purpose in our college, Teacher’s Day celebrations are undertaken on a grand scale to honour teachers for their sincere efforts to impart knowledge to their students. On this precious occasion of Teacher’s Day celebration some of usual activities such as dance, drama, games, poetry, etc. are performed. Thus special reverence and gratitude is shown to teachers  by the students of our  college every year


“Creativity Enhances Culture Oriented Society”

Our college basically gives full attention to the all-round development of students. We are going to set the standards which others find hard to match And for setting these standards, we work hard to drag talents from students. And these energies burst out in their participation during fate. In this type of fate- student shows their talents in different arts like clay-modeling, making purses, Making best out of waste, salad decoration, flower making, collage making, belts making, face painting and many more…

These fates  are arranged time to time to give break as well as to enhance such art related activities. A festive atmosphere is noted in the college. Various fun games and stalls of eatables are arranged.


“A move towards An Award of Achievement Solmenizing Success”

Convocation is that rare opportunity for a student when she seeks the reward of her ages long hard work. It is the dream of every student for which she starts imagining from the initial days of her preparation for a long journey of hard work. The mission one follows to create a progressive and creative model of life long learning, evaluation, creative energies of full potential, her strong commitment, a conviction of her value-based work, everything will get its achieved value in convocation. Our college used to arrange the convocation to award degrees of their respective fields.


Convocation is the best method of re-union also. This re-union gives them ample chance to students to have heart-to-heart talk with their old buddies and teachers.


Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven—An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its past, reproduction of its present, and luck to its future.

Alumni refers to a group of students who have graduated from a college or a university. At alumni meet all the former graduates of previous years get together on a particular day and share their past experiences and moments. There is usually a gala party with music, dance, games, food, fun, etc. The institution also feels proud on seeing successful alumni. During their meet, the alumni community shares their experiences in the outside world, which they face after stepping out of the institution. The Alumni network has a real-life benefit for students. Alumni donate their time to offer career support to current students. With the advent of social media, alumni relationship has taken a different flavor altogether. They are a support system, offered expertise assistance in employability and for Mentorship and Scholarships. This day is always very memorable in the history of our college. Alumni get a chance to meet their teachers also with a new relationship.


“Victory is in the quality of competition and not in the final score”

Encouraging one and all to adopt sports as an integral part of the routine to discipline oneself, to preserve to meet a goal, strengthen relation, instill self-confidence and above all releasing stress, anxiety, and felicitate emotional stability and resilience as its prime goal.  To cater to all these needs, every year, Annual Sports Meet is organized in the college. It is always a very grand show, opens with the Flag hoisting ceremony followed by the Oath taking wherein the students take the spirit of sportsmanship high. Then there is always the speech of Madam Principal, where she allows to start by acknowledging the esteemed gathering and wishing participants Good Luck. Various Sports activities are done, players show their skills in different games till two days like Athletics, Badminton, One Leg Race, Slow Cycling, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Cricket, Hockey and so on. Many funny games are also arranged for staff and guests like Matka Race, Tug o- War, Sack Race, Lemon Race, etc. Everyone in the college

waits for this Annual Athletic Meet. The atmosphere in the college is completely changed. Total fun hilariousness is scattered here and there. Annual Sports Meet is ended up with prize distribution as well as valedictory speeches by the chief guests and Head of the institution. Annual sports meet actually serves the purpose of a Healthy atmosphere and competitive spirits altogether.


A kind gesture of warm welcome to newbies is always a very splendid activity in the college arranged by Seniors. Actually this is that euphoric moment for a fresher that is eagerly awaited by her. Each and every effort is planned to make them comfortable with the atmosphere in a funfilled manner. Various types of Games, Dances, Ramp walk, Singing activities are usually there for their entertainment. Sometimes it is based on theme also. Photo corner and Food Point adds new flavor to it. Seniors and Junior mix up with one another like friends after this musical, pleasurable event.


A college Farewell Party is celebrated not just to bid adieu to your friends and Seniors, as you step into a new realm of life. It also a commemoration to celebrate all the good times together and wishing the best for the future. Saying goodbye is the hardest solution to any problem. But sometimes it’s the only choice we have…” –

Every year a grand Farewell party is scheduled in the college to make the parting students feel splendid n special. Juniors firstly select a very good venue for them and then give them a chance to come on the stage with Red Carpet Entry, their beautiful, glittering faces and nice dresses make them very gorgeous. They are treated as special guests and show their talents in plenty. They are given individual attention that makes their day very pleasant. No doubt, parting makes them sad but it is the rule of the world, Every parting has a new beginning. Seniors show their gratitude and love for college in various speeches and other activities. Token of love is given by juniors through gifts to seniors.


Participating in college science fair or Exhibition can help a student to explore different branches of scientific study while contributing valuable information to the scientific community. Science is a great blessing to mankind. The world into which science came was a world of ignorance, suffering and hardship. Science has come to relieve us of suffering, to remove our ignorance and to lighten our toil. Science is a faithful servant of man. It has transformed our daily life, providing us with necessaries and luxuries. Science has spanned the sky, measured the ocean and revealed many secrets of nature. So we cannot ignore the importance of science in the modern world.

A college is the place where students are moulded for future life. They are the promises of tomorrow. So they should be made aware of the importance of science. Science exhibition in our college plays  a pivotal role in this regard. Science exhibition creates a scientific spirit among the students, increasing their thinking and reasoning power. These make the students creative and inquisitive. A student  gets an opportunity to make a project or working model with her own hands. She comes to know of the basic principles of the functioning of an instrument. She gets the opportunity to devise projects for saving fuel, to solve the energy crisis and a lot of other things related to daily life. She also gets into acquaintance with many new scientific devices and principles. She makes new solutions in Chemistry. These  increase her interest in chemical science.  Every year in our college, Science exhibition is arranged to imbibe the competitive spirit and to work deeply on their projects and working models.Some eminent and subject  Experts are called to do judgement and give valuable tips .This activity is just like an asset in their future endeavours


College tours or trips give unique opportunities for kinaesthetic learning i.e. ‘learning by doing’ and encourage students to engage with people, places and buildings in new ways. This is particularly beneficial for many mature students who find visual and sensory experiences helpful to their learning and understanding.There has been a paradigm shift in the teaching methods used by the present day educators.  ‘Educational Tour or a Field Trip or an amusement travel’ is also a very productive way of learning.

An Educational Tour or A Field Trip is a visit to a place away from their normal place of study. The purpose of this trip is to provide students an experience outside the class rooms or labs. It also provides an opportunity for non experimental research and helps bring all the students to a common platform irrespective of their social, economic & cultural background.

While on an amusement tour ,It exposes the students to the outside world, be it local & global issues. It improves them with a new prospective and helps in developing overall personality.

While on an educational tour/field trip a student has the opportunity of interacting with different people which helps develop social behaviour and create a social network, contacts & references. It gives them an opportunity to inculcate the habit of travelling alone & in groups and making them more empathetic towards fellow students.

Field Trips are important component of hospitality education . It will also provide an opportunity to students to have first hand experience and make them ready for outward  challenges.

Educational Tours & Field Trips provide an opportunity of experiential learning to students of all streams. Students of our college also get the opportunity to go on different types of tours or trips .It is just like a break from their busy  n monotonous routine .They enjoy a lot in these trips and get practical knowledge. Various places are visited and they become acquainted with diverse cultures and traditions of India.Their enjoyable moments become the life time memories for them.