Without Mass Communication it’s hard to imagine what exactly the world would look like today!!

Mass Communication is a subject that can be persuaded either at the graduation or post-graduation level .and students should be very careful when they take up the courses because there are many short-term courses also. But mass communication is a subject that acquires profound comprehensive and practical workout.

It compromises of various topics like journalism, video and audio production, advertisement, event management, and public relations. Each of the topics has its significance and boundary, when students opt for studying mass communication, they should concentrate on such topics, otherwise, all their efforts in pursuing the course would go in vain.

Our college offers a three years degree (BAMC) course under CDLU, Sirsa. In this three years program, so many subjects are covered to step out to work on the larger scale of Journalism, Education, and Mass Media.


  • Power of creativity is increased
  • Up to dates with lots of applications
  • Enjoying the freedom of expressions in mass communication
  • To maintain an excellent social life
  • Power of decision making
  • Various subjects for further studies and multiple profession
  • In this area, no prior experience is required.

Here we are providing you all these facilities with well-equipped labs and efficient faculty.

Course Offered:

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication(BAMC): 

  • BAJMC full form, Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication is an undergraduate mass communication course duration – 3 years
  • Below mentioned are some of the aspects related to Mass Media and communication which will be encapsulated to the professionals through the BAJMC syllabus:
    • Basic journalistic skills in various mass media
    • To expose students to recent developments in media issues and media research
    • To strengthen the foundations for various technologies involved in mass media like computer applications
    • Respective software and hardware in print, radio, television, internet, and the likes.
  • The BAJMC course will be completely devoted to the field of Journalism and Mass media communication to be an asset for the same.