Safety and Security of girls is the priority of Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ College, Sirsa. Nowadays safe and supportive campus community is both an obligation and a challenge for college administration and students. Our institute provides a comprehensive range of security amenities within and around the campus. So many students enrolled themselves for different courses for the first time in college to pro0vide them a comfortable and ’safe’ ambiance of ‘feel at home’ within the campus.

Women’s safety in any college campus is a serious concern now. According to a poll, 86% of parents believe that the safety of the campus is one of the most important factors in choosing one institute over the other. We try to solve this problem through awareness and prevention programs, dialogue, and action.

Students are given regular lessons about morality, sexual assault and trained through ’Marshal Art’ even to protect themselves. Time to time, activities and awareness programs are run through ‘Women Cell’, Grievance Redressal Cell’, N.C.C, N.S.S, Red Cross, and Red Ribbon clubs. They are taught to use so many preventive measures. CCTV Cameras are also installed to have a close look at the ‘eye-teasing’ matters. Attitude, Awareness, Avoidance and Action is a full-fledged method for safety, explained in Seminars to the students. Proper security guards are appointed on the main gate and female staff inside the campus to tackle each type of security issue.