Science deptt of our college plays a pivotal  role as science guides us to finding out things  what we have today in our life as blessings.In fact without science, we would not have even the  basic necessities of life like electricity,the very essential and primary need of human beings .Without electricity life can not be imagined. With the basic necessities, it provides access to day -to – day amenities like mobiles ,televisions, internet ,washing machines ,refrigerators ,cars ,trains and so on – the list is too long. Deptt of Science of our country plays an important   role in the promotion of science in all the spheres connected to it.Former Indian President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam believed that science is a beautiful gift to humanity and country cannot be developed properly if the scientific base of the country is not strong enough. So keeping in view the undeniable role of science in the life of modern student ,a proper set up is done for their proper studies in theoretical classes as well as in practical labs.Theory gives enough stuff for brain work and

Science labs help a student in establishing the relevance of the theory .It brings clarity in the mind of the students regarding the basic concept  of the subject .Students understand the difference between theory and application .Science labs help a student improvising their approach towards the subject .Here we are providing well equipped labs that contain all the modern apparatus that are  used to conduct experiments for Physics and Chemistry .

We Offer:

  1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Non Medical- Sc. Non-Medical is one of the highly studied degree course among students. This three year degree course comprises subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory. This study opens a wide range of opportunities for further studies, research and employment opportunities across the world. After the completion of BSc.students can go for higher degrees in various fields, Students can do MSC in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that widens their scope for career opportunities. B.Ed. is another excellent choice for those BSc graduates who want to be teachers. There are many areas in which students get jobs like Education, Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, Research firms, Chemical industry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Companies, Testing Laboratories, Medical Laboratories, Forensic Crime Research, Scientist, Power generating companies etc.
  2. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Computer Science- Students who are interested in computers and information technology field, can opt for B.Sc. in Computer-Science. This three year course comprises subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Computer-Science. Here is also a great scope for the aspirants after their degree in computer-science.Students can pursue post-graduation degree in respective fields.MBA is one of the most preferred choice for so many. Many institutes offer MBA degrees with specialization in scientific domains like hospital management, IT management. MCA is an ideal option for higher studies. Students after pursuing B.Sc. in Computer-Science can pursue certification course in ethical hacking. There are many career options like Web designer, Web/Multimedia Programmer, Software Consultant, Technical Writer etc. B.Sc. degree holders are not restricted to the field of science but they can also explore other areas like Management, Engineering, and Law etc.